Easy and practical to use

Fueling is complete in a few steps and data is sent straight to the web-based system.

Installation in 3 hours

Whatever the size of your fleet, CTA Plus is implemented on the same day of installation.

Data security

Data security on multiple servers in the cloud.

Simple System

Control by vehicle, driver, cost center, third parties, storage tank control, estimate of the next recharging.

Speed and information quality

Reduction/reallocation of administrative work force.

Easy and Convenient to Use

Accurate information and data security

Access multiple reports to monitor the fueling activities in the system

  • Charging
  • Fueling
  • Average consumption by model and driver
  • Fueling by shift
  • Travels by vehicle

- Reports can be exported by Excel, Word or TXT.

- With users management you can set specific areas to be accessed

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