Do I have to install a device in my trucks?

No, the system does not use embedded systems in vehicles. However, every vehicle can be identified by RFID key chains.

Should I cover the device to protect it from rain and sun?

No, CTA Plus is designed to withstand harsh weather and can be installed anywhere outdoors.

Can CTA Plus be installed in convoy trucks?

Yes, CTA Plus has a Slim version to be adapted to convoy trucks.

How long does it take to be implemented in my fleet?

Installation and vehicle and fueling agent registration is performed in up to 3 hours by filling station.

How is the device connected to the internet? Does it require a networking cable?

CTA Plus features a modern GPRS system and is connected to the internet via cellular network. Therefore the device is stand-alone, it does not require networking cable or wireless connection.

What if the cellular network connection drops?

CTA Plus has an internal memory that stores up to 7 days fueling data. Thus, as soon as the network connection is restored, all data is transferred to the server.

How do I register a new vehicle and/or fueling agent?

The administrator should access the system from a computer or smartphone to register a new vehicle. Within minutes, the information is sent to the CTA Plus device.

Does it require software installation on my computer?

No, the system is fully web-based and can be accessed from any computer or smartphone.

How is it integrated with my ERP system

Integration can be done by exporting text or Excel files or via web service. Our team customizes the file format according to the standard required by the ERP system in use.

I have a shared tank. Can I manage its fueling activity?

Yes, CTA Plus allows creating individual reports for every company or vehicle.

Can I monitor the amount of diesel left in my tank?

Yes, the system generates the virtual storage by input and output. It also sends an alert notice by email when the storage level is critical.