Por que utilizar o CTA Plus?

Whatever the size of your fleet, CTA Plus is implemented on the same day of installation
Online log of date/time, volume, pump, vehicle and filling station attendant, km/hour meter
No installation of vehicle units, implementation across the fleet at the time of install
Eliminates annotation errors and provides consumption averages by period and vehicle
Reduces the risk of labor claims
Integration with any ERP system via WebService or Import option
Fueling of registered or authorized vehicles only
Control by vehicle/ driver/ cost center/ third parties/ storage tank control and estimate of the next recharging
Safe data registry with cloud backup
With no software installation, it can be accessed any time from any computer, smartphone or tablet
Reduction/reallocation of administrative work force
CTA Plus is simple to operate and easy to access
Fast and quality information flow
Report export to Excel, Word and txt